My paintings are showing a process of time and movement. The colors which seems to be captured in motion refers to a higher world of intuition which is not predetermined. They can be interpretered by wiever in many objects and emotions. They remind me such mysteries of universe like big bang, natural phenomeons, chemistry of hormones, astral representations.

Layers of my paintings in cityscapes are establishing by pieces of finished works created in a different time and story. The whole painting includes divided parts of my drawings which I have created in different places in Chicago. However, this cutout process seems to be the end for the work, they are becoming recreated as being a part of a long story. They never lose their presence contrary, they are expanding as a part. This is a representation of the dual world by the themes such as birth & death, structure & destructure. As a consequence, a view of the world by my unique point of view and painting technique invites to observe all the time and process in one scene at the moment, fully aware of itself as a complete present.